Ulla Kalinka

Just amazing!!! Had the best time with friends. The place is perfect for this attraction.

Ulla Kalinka

The event was very happy, the running was smashing, missions exciting – we all were wet, so I strongly advise taking some extra clothes with you! A big thank-you to the organizers, the guys were very responsive and active! If anyone wants to play laser tag, do it here, Press building has amazing atmosphere and bad weather cannot be an obstacle! (translated from latvian)

Krista Spriesle

Absolutely perfect. The 10-year-old kid event guided by a great instructor: 2 hours of intense playing with a few water breaks. It was a struggle to get the kids to go home. A large variety of missions, at the end everyone receives individual statistics printed out. Adjustable event time. I definitely suggest this to others! (translated from latvian)

Ģirts Bebrovskis

Fantastic active way to spend free time with friends. Also, a great way to celebrate something. Very attractive game hosts. Everything was very well thought through so it would be fun and not get boring, so theoretically you could play all day long. There is a big variety of missions available. The environment ensures the needed atmosphere. The time flies by without noticing, because the game is so interesting. At the end of the game you can see your results, that can be quite unexpected. It’s an active way to spend time in both winter and summer, it is not painful, but it gives the needed healthy dose of running. It is much better to go and play laser tag than sit at home. (translated from latvian)

Kristīne Felzenberga

I didn’t really know what to expect from this, but it turned out being truly exciting and interesting. The game took place in the army base in Mārupe, which made the experience that much better. The time flew by without noticing and, even when it got dark, I didn’t want to stop playing. The game process reminded me of childhood “war” games, but in a whole new level. I will most definitely play again and suggest it to others as well! It could be a great way how to unite collective or just have a good time with your friends. (translated from latvian)

Valts Vīze

An amazing way to become closer with your friends or other collective! It is great that you can play different missions, so the time flies by very fast. While playing, you have a chance to run or sneak up on enemies from the most unexpected angles and places. It was interesting to find out the individual statistics afterwards, too. (translated from latvian)

Elvijs Rasčevskis

Surprisingly fun and full of tension! Much more pleasant experience than in paintball or at Zelta Bowling center’s old laser course. There is no heavy equipment and the grounds are huge! Amazing experience! I suggest it to everyone, it is impossible to regret it! A couple of hours spent very well, leaving a lasting smile on face! (translated from latvian)

Alekss Vecvanags

Very good place to play. The prices are very fair and the fun you get is well worth the money.

Mārtiņš Būmanis

Kārlis Tohters

Best out of best! I recommend! Great site and well planned game options.

Kārlis Tohters

Tibi Bojti

Best Lazertag in Riga! Super cool brothers, equipment is nice and the game is just amazing!

Tibi Bojti

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