Apmeklēt lapu latviešu valodā.

Laser tag is a new and exciting game. Laser tag brings joy and excitement to everyone, no matter the age and gender. Positivity always flows through this activity. Laser tag is not painful and does not cause any bruising to the players. What exactly makes laser tag so interesting? Continue reading and find out!

laser tag in riga

Laser Tag and its origin

Laser tag and its origin goes way back in the end of 70’s, when the army of USA developed a special laser system for military training purposes – MILES (Multiple integrated laser engagement system). Its main purpose is to detect and register the laser rays shot by enemies. A special device that shoots laser rays was attached to the real weapons and a sensor system in the form of an army vest was the receiver. This system has developed and evolved a lot and is widely used all around the world, including Latvian army trainings. However, same as many other military inventions, laser tag was picked up by the civilians as well, developing the laser guns and laser ray receivers, which somewhat remind of what has been seen in Star Wars. Laser tag has rapidly evolved within these 30 years and the result of this progress can be seen in LASERDOG park.

Laser Tag variety

Nowadays we know multiple varieties of laser tag, such as tactical laser tag, laser tag as a sport, fantasy laser tag and laser tag for fun. Theoretically you can say that all of these ways are more or less entertaining, depending on the individual. Tactical laser tag is common amongst those civilians that are passionate about the military. The game is taken very seriously and professionally. The weapons are almost identical to the real ones both visually and weight wise. The players are wearing camouflaged clothing. In this type of a game real life military situations are simulated, for example, saving the hostage or occupation of tactically important buildings.

Laser tag as a sport is not very common in Latvia, however, in foreign countries there are specially created professional laser tag teams that compete in various tournaments and competitions. We hope to see something similar to develop in Latvia, too!

Laser Tag for fun

We could put both fantasy and entertainment laser tag under this category. Fantasy laser tag very much reminds of Star Wars. This game type has special, super dark arenas. The darkness is broken by colorful lights in the room and colorful laser rays from the guns. This game mode is far from reality. Of course, there are people that really enjoy this type of a game, however, overall the reviews aren’t good. You can try this game type in Latvia as well. Finally, there is laser tag for fun. It is the one we offer at LASERDOG. Modern, realistically looking weapons, but the game process itself is not just cold and tactical, but more fun, active and creative. This game type is exactly what can make various events that much more interesting, for example, bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, cooperative events and even parties for kids. People love this type of laser tag. Don’t believe us? Read the reviews!

laser tag

Who plays Laser Tag?

Laser tag is played by anyone and everyone – guys, girls, young, old – it does not matter! The weapons look real, process is realistic, but positivity and fun is in the air. The game doesn’t provoke negative or cold emotions. The players describe the game process as a way to have fun with friends and gain points rather than a killing simulator. View our gallery to see that people are having fun while playing! This game can be played by kids as well, even at the age of six or seven, as the weapons are very light – they weight around a kilogram. The child has no issues holding the weapon, but adults don’t even notice that it is much lighter than a real one. Laser tag can be played by people with hearing problems, too. Laser tag truly unites the players both in and outside the game, which is why we recommend it to fellow classmates, students, or colleagues. The result of the game will be a closer and deeper connection and friendship!


Every player has an automatic gun in their hands and a special receiver attached to the head. The receiver registers shots fired from up to 250-meter distance. The receiver has four sensors, each facing one of the four cardinal points, so it registers shots from front, back and sides. If the enemy hits the player, receiver starts vibrating and a red light flashes, however, when the player receives the fourth hit, receiver starts vibrating for a longer period of time, a constant red light turns on, which indicates that the player has been killed. The system automatically deactivates the weapon, which makes it impossible to cheat. If the player is killed, returning to base is required. The base has a special device – med pack. The player presses the button on it and is revived after five seconds. The game continues!

Each automatic gun’s magazine has thirty bullets and the gun makes a realistic shooting sound when shot with. Once all thirty bullets are spent, the player has to press the reload button to reload the weapon. This takes three seconds. This process is accompanied by according, realistic sounds. We offer unlimited number of magazines, but it is possible to define it. If the enemy hits the player, laser tag weapon vibrates and the player can’t shoot for a fifth of a second. Other type of equipment can be used in this game, such as laser tag grenades. Electronic control points are widely used in laser tag. These devices can be programmed. One of the game modes includes capturing and holding the control points.

Why exactly Laser Tag?

Laser tag is not painful and doesn’t cause injuries – laser rays do not harm vision even if the ray is accidentally aimed into an eye and, opposite from paintball, the game doesn’t cause bruises or any other pains. Positive emotions and excitement flows throughout the game. Laser tag can be played by kids and adults, and most importantly – everyone is satisfied and happy! At the end of the game statistics for each player and the teams as a whole are generated. Data is downloaded from weapons, giving exact information about who has shot who and how many times. The players can receive various titles, for example, “Kamikaze”. This title is given to the player that has died the most during the game time.

Laser tag can be set up at any place, which is a big advantage over other similar activities. It does not affect or damage environment in any way, thus the games can be set up even in the middle of city. The weather does not affect laser tag, accurate shot can be made in up to 250-meter distance. The players do not have to worry about running out of ammunition and having to buy additional. The ammunition amount can be programmed according to the player wishes or just be set to unlimited without an additional price. The technology makes the game interactive and interesting without losing the feeling of realism. Overall, laser tag is cheaper, more active and interesting than other similar activities.

Where Laser Tag is played?

Laser tag can be played both indoors and outdoors. Usually before playing, the field is set up with all kind of obstacles, walls and such. This makes the game much more interesting and less repetitive. For example, our laser tag park consists of 27 rooms of various sizes which are connected with one another. The overall area is more than a thousand square meters large, but the grounds can be adjusted according to the number of players. Indoor laser tag is great in the three colder seasons, when the weather outside is not delightful. If the indoor laser tag grounds are prepared professionally, the game will be exciting and will not become boring even after a couple of hours of playing. Laser tag games can be set up outdoors, for example, in abandoned army bases or even in the streets of Old Riga. The laser rays used in the game are not physical, so they do not harm the environment. It means that laser tag game can be organized even in office space for the company’s workers.


The most important part of the game is the game host or instructor that explains all the rules and how the game works, and also offers different kind of missions. It makes the game fun and not seem repetitive, as well as makes full use of the available space. The same applies to the people playing – ones like one type of missions, others – different. The mission variety ensures there is some fun and satisfaction for everyone. The players are divided into two or three teams. The goal is to accomplish the mission given by the instructor. The missions can vary. A classic is control point domination and defending mission. Also, a popular mission is occupation of building, when one team defends a defined set of rooms and other team has to sneak in and occupy the rooms. In this game format the players cannot revive, so the game goes by in a very planned and tactical fashion. Some of the crazier game formats are bomb detonating, hostage saving or even zombie apocalypse.


Our park is the largest indoor lasertag arena in Latvia. Laser tag indoors is the best for people that do not want to play outside when the weather is not appropriate. We have large and light rooms, which you may use all game long. We also provide specially furnished rooms where celebrations or meals can be held. Every player has free parking. Most importantly – our park has the urban aura of Press building. This building once had thousands of people working in it and it’s interesting to see how it has changed over time. One of the rooms in the park is the old office of Press building director himself. The professionally planned and set up park together with our superb game hosts make a quality product which we present to our clients with pride!