What is a laser tag?

Laser tag description.

Lasertag, some people call it laser paintball, is an exciting game for anyone who loves to actively spend their spare time with friends, school mates or colleagues. The core of the game consists of laser ray shooting guns and vibrating receivers that are attached to the player heads. This team game will give the players the needed adrenaline and excitement.

Why lasertag?

Lasertag, compared to other games of this type, has many advantages, for example, technological possibilities – shots are absolutely accurate to up to 200-meter distance. The hits are not painful, remember that they are just laser rays! The game can be staged in any environment, no need to worry about damaging it. At the end of the game you are provided with detailed statistics about your shots fired, accuracy, hits, damage dealt and much more.

Laser tag is a new and exciting game. Laser tag brings joy and excitement to everyone, no matter the age and gender. Positivity always flows through this activity. Laser tag is not painful and does not cause any bruising to the players. What exactly makes laser tag so interesting?
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Bachelor parties

Chance to discharge before the Big day!

Lasertag is a great way to spend the last days dynamically before the serene marriage life.
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Team building

Incredible way to unite your team!

Lasertag is a great way to strengthen the collaboration, coordination and friendship skills among co-workers.
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Birthday parties

The best thing to do in your birthday!

Laser tag will make sure your birthday event is breathtaking and will stay in your mind and heart for a long time!
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